Kids in our MMA Program will learn to better

themselves with:

- Focus

- Discipline

- Confidence

- Accomplishment

- Respect

- Self Control

- Motivation

In this Program they will learn basics aspects of Mixed Martial Arts including Muay Thai Kickboxing and Jiu-Jitsu.  Through this their main focus will be on:

- Technique

- Self Defense

- Strategic Thought

- Bully Resistance

- Control of Aggressor

- Linking Techniques

- Combining Arts

Through all of the training that they will receive here the most important aspect we want is for them to have fun in a safe and friendly environment. 

We prepare the student with basic knowledge of the martial arts to be combined into mixed martial arts to graduate into our formal programs. Our kids love to train and build life-long friendships with their peers and our instructors are great role-models for the students.

Our professional instructors combine physical activity, fun, and important life lessons to help children be not only great martial artists, but healthy, well-rounded individuals and future leaders in the community.

make a positive impact on the life of your child!